Personal and Group Swahili Lessons in Nairobi

Julius Muange - Swahili Teacher

Julius Muange

Hello, I am Julius Muange and I am available to take personal and group lessons in Spoken Swahili throughout the Nairobi area. Over a period of 25 years, I have developed comprehensive and functional courses in Spoken Swahili that encompass beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. I have taught Spoken Swahili to people from over 10 different countries.

I teach Spoken Swahili to people of all ages and proficiencies. My students are primarily expats living in Nairobi, who are interested in learning Spoken Swahili to conduct business and converse with the locals in Kenya. Most obtain full proficiency in speaking Swahili like a native speaker within a period of two years. I welcome you to reach out to me to discuss ways that I can help you learn how to speak Swahili proficiently. Email me or call me at +254-705-184-972 and I will be glad to be of assistance.

Swahili Language & Translation Services

Why Learn Swahili?

  • Communicate better with locals
  • Be more effective in your job
  • Get better prices while shopping
  • Understand local culture

Swahili Translation Services

  • Get Swahili documents translated into English
  • Get Swahili stories translated into English and vice-versa
  • Hire me as a verbal Swahili translator
  • Editing of Swahili articles and books

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