Animals you see on Safari

by Julius Muange on Dec 02, 2014

Safaris are the biggest tourist attractions in East Africa. The following are some of the animals you see on safari. There are some conversations to assist you with vocabulary and grammar.

Simba (Lion)

Simba - Lion
Picture Source

Q: Unaona simba? (Do you see the lion?)

A: Ndiyo, ninaona simba. (Yes, I see the lion.)

Q: Simba anafanya nini? (What is the lion doing?)

A: Simba anapumzika. (The lion is relaxing.)

Twiga (Giraffe)

Twiga - Giraffe
Picture Source

Q: Unaona twiga? (Do you see the giraffe?)

A: Ndiyo, Ninaona twiga. (Yes, I see the giraffe.)

Q: Twiga anafanya nini? (What is the giraffe doing?)

A: Twiga anakula majani. (The giraffe is eating leaves.)

Kifaru (Rhino)

Kifaru - Rhino
Picture Source

Q: Unaona kifaru? (Do you see the rhino?)

A: Ndiyo, ninaona kifaru. (Yes, I see the rhino.)

Q: Kifaru anafanya nini? (What is the rhino doing?)

A: Kifaru anakula nyasi. (The rhino is eating grass.)

Duma (Cheetah)

Duma - Cheetah
Picture Source

Q: Unaona duma? (Do you see the cheetah?)

A: Ndiyo, ninaona duma. (Yes, I see the cheetah.)

Q: Duma anafanya nini? (What is the cheetah doing?)

A: Duma anatembea pole pole. (The cheetah is walking slowly.)

Chui (Leopard)

Chui - Leopard
Picture Source

Q: Unaona chui? (Do you see the leopard?)

A: Ndiyo, ninaona chui. (Yes, I see the leopard.)

Q: Chui anafanya nini? (What is the leopard doing?)

A: Chui anawinda. (The leopard is hunting.)

Nyati (Buffalo)

Nyati - Buffalo
Picture Source

Q: Unaona nyati? (Do you see the buffalo?)

A: Ndiyo, ninaona nyati. (Yes, I see the buffalo.)

Q: Nyati anafanya nini? (What is the buffalo doing?)

A: Nyati anatembea. (The buffalo is walking.)

Ndovu (Elephant)

Ndovu - Elephant
Picture Source

Q: Unaona ndovu? (Do you see the elephant?)

A: Ndiyo, ninaona ndovu. (Yes, I see the elephant.)

Q: Ndovu anafanya nini? (What is the elephant doing?)

A: Ndovu anakunywa maji. (The elephant is drinking water.)

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