Swahili Calendar

by Julius Muange on May 06, 2017


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Days of the week.

Here is how to say the days of the week in Swahili.

English Swahili
Saturday Jumamosi
Sunday Jumapili
Monday Jumatatu
Tuesday Jumanne
Wednesday Jumatano
Thursday Alhamisi
Friday Ijumaa

Months of the year.

Here is how to say different months of the year in Swahili.

English Swahili
January Januari
February Februari
March Machi
April Aprili
May Mei
June Juni
July Julai
August Agosti
September Septemba
October Octoba
November Novemba
December Disemba


In Swahili, the years are said as numbers e.g 2017 is Mwaka wa elfu mbili kumi na saba. You can brush up on saying numbers in Swahili here.

Dates in Swahili are said as follows:

English Swahili
December 31, 1999 Decemba tarehe thelathini na moja mwaka wa elfu moja mia tisa tisini na tisa.
January 1, 2000 Januari tarehe moja, mwaka wa elfu mbili.
Wednesday, February 1, 2017 Jumatano, Februari tarehe moja, mwaka wa elfu mbili kumi na saba.
December 25th Decemba tarehe ishirini na tano.
Friday the 13th Tarehe kumi na tatu Ijumaa.
January 1st to 10th Januari tarehe moja hadi tarehe kumi.


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  1. OPIYO ISAAC says:

    I am a student of UHTTI in jinja , i do really want to learn kiswahili so that one day i can work in kiswahili speaking countries…..

    July 12th, 2019 at 6:06 PM

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