Common Natural Features in Swahili

by Julius Muange on Apr 10, 2015

The following are some of the most common natural features.

Mlima (Mountain)

Singular: mlima

Plural: milima

Mountain - Mlima

Mto (River)

Singular: mto

Plural: mito

River - Mto

Ziwa (Lake)

Singular: ziwa

Plural: maziwa

Lake - Ziwa

Msitu (Forest)

Singular: msitu

Plural: misitu

Forest - Msitu

Mwamba (Rock)

Singular: mwamba

Plural: miamba

Rock - Mwamba

Bahari (Ocean)

Singular: bahari

Plural: bahari

Ocean - Bahari

Nyika (Plateau)

Singular: nyika

Plural: nyika

Plateau - Nyika

Bonde (Valley)

Singular: bonde

Plural: mabonde

Valley - Bonde

Jangwa (Desert)

Singular: jangwa

Plural: majangwa

Desert - Jangwa

Kilima (Hill)

Singular: kilima

Plural: vilima

Hill - Kilima

Kijito (Stream)

Singular: kijito

Plural: vijito

Stream - Kijito

Poromoko la maji (Waterfall)

Singular: poromoko la maji

Plural: maporomoko ya maji

Waterfall - Poromoko la Maji


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