Common Phrases in Swahili

by Julius Muange on Jul 24, 2015

Common Phrases in Swahili

Learn how to say some common phrases used in daily life in Swahili. Prepare for your visit to Kenya and other Swahili speaking countries in East Africa.

English Phrase Swahili Translation
Thank you Asante
Thank you very much Asante sana
I appreciate Ninashukuru
Help me Nisaidie
Nice to meet you Vizuri kukujua
See you again Tuonane tena
Travel safely Safiri salama
Goodnight Usiku mwema
Good day Siku njema
Nice trip Safari njema
Welcome Karibu
Welcome home Karibu nyumbani
There is no problem Hakuna matata
There is a problem Kuna matata
Give me this Nipe hii
I want this Ninataka hii
Show me that Nionyeshe hiyo
I don’t want that Sitaki hiyo
What is that over there? Ile ni nini?
That is a house Ile ni nyumba
Is that a hotel? Ile ni hoteli?
Yes, that is a hotel. Ndiyo, ile ni hoteli.
Is this dangerous? Hii ni hatari?
No, this is not dangerous Hapana, hii si hatari.

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