Sports People in Swahili

by Julius Muange on May 28, 2015

Sports People

Learn how to call various sports people in Swahili.

Sportsperson Singular Plural
Athlete Mwanariadha Wanariadha
Player Mchezaji Wachezaji
Sailor Mwanamaji Wanamaji
Car Driver Mwendeshaji gari Waendeshaji gari
Cyclist Mwendeshaji biskeli Waendeshaji biskeli
Jockey Mwendeshaji farasi Waendeshaji farasi
Golfer Mcheza golf Wacheza golf
Swimmer Mwogeleaji Waogeleaji
Runner Mkimbiaji Wakimbiaji
Gymnast Mwanasarakasi Wanasarakasi
Body Builder Mjenga misuli Wajenga misuli
Boxer Mwanandondi Wanandondi
Wrestler Mwanamiereka Wanamiereka


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