Parts of a Tree in Swahili

by Julius Muange on Mar 01, 2015

Parts of a Tree

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Tree Part Singular Plural
Tree Mti Miti
Branch Tawi Matawi
Leaf Jani Majani
Bark Ganda Maganda
Fruit Tunda Matunda
Trunk Shina Mashina
Seed Mbegu Mbegu
Seedling Mche Miche
Root Mzizi Mizizi

The following are some sentences using the different parts of trees.

The tree has fruits.

Mti una matunda.

The tree has leaves.

Mti una majani.

The tree has roots.

Mti una mizizi.

The tree has branches.

Mti una matawi.

A fruit has seeds.

Tunda lina mbegu.

A seedling will be a big tree.

Mche utakuwa mti mkubwa.

The tree has a trunk.

Mti una shina.

The tree trunk has bark.

Shina la mti lina ganda.


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