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Numbers in Swahili

Numbers in Swahili

Learn how to say numbers in Swahili. This will help you to explain things better and get better deals while shopping and bargaining.

Colours in Swahili

Colours - Rangi

Rangi in Swahili means colour.


Rangi Nyekundu (Colour Red)


Rangi Nyeupe (Colour White)


Rangi Nyeusi (Colour Black)

Birds from Africa in Swahili

Africa is a haven for birds of all kinds. Below are some of the birds that you can see in East Africa. Some conversations enable you to learn more vocabulary and grammar.

Yai (Egg)

Egg - Yai
Picture Source

Q: Hili ni nini? (What is this?)

A: Hili ni yai. (This is an egg.)

Common Farm Animals in Swahili

Farming and agriculture are big industries in East Africa. The following are some of the farm animals.

Paka (Cat)

Cat - Paka
Picture Source

A: Angalia Pale! (Look there!)

B: Unaona nini? (What do you see?)

A: Ninaona paka. (I see a cat.)

B: Paka anafanya nini? (What is the cat doing?)

A: Paka anapiga miayo! (The cat is yawning!)

Animals you see on Safari

Safaris are the biggest tourist attractions in East Africa. The following are some of the animals you see on safari. There are some conversations to assist you with vocabulary and grammar.

Simba (Lion)

Simba - Lion
Picture Source

Q: Unaona simba? (Do you see the lion?)

A: Ndiyo, ninaona simba. (Yes, I see the lion.)

Q: Simba anafanya nini? (What is the lion doing?)

A: Simba anapumzika. (The lion is relaxing.)

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